We're next 18 - contemporary fashion

Unique Fashion Designs Show by UMPRUM, the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and others.

13. 9. 2018
from 18:00 hodin
(možný vstup)
Trade Fair Palace Prague


260 CZK advance sale one block show
standing tickets
(after advance sale 300 CZK)
520 CZK advance sale whole show
standing tickets
(after advance sale 600 CZK)
300 CZK at the venue one block show
standing tickets
(both blocks 600 CZK)
400 CZK one block show
seating tickets
770 CZK whole show
seating tickets

Booking and reservation online is available HERE.

Advance show tickets are available until 13.9. 2018 12:00.

In case of filling our limited capacity, there is no possibility to reserve a ticket. We recommend to book tickets in advance for bargain price HERE. We don´t accept any kind of reclaim after your booking.



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